Rashmi Metaliks Limited’s Brilliant Brainchild – Keyline

Rashmi Metaliks Limited (RML) is a reputable company under the wing of Rashmi Group, a 3000 crore venture in West Bengal. The company has steel plants in Kharagpur, Gokulpur and Shyamraipur. These places are in the West and East Midnapore districts of West Bengal.

The new units established by Rashmi Metaliks Ltd. produce sponge iron and pig iron by reducing iron ore with coal, lignite or coke etc. & solid carbonaceous materials. This process takes place in a rotary kiln. Initially, the process is conducted at a high temperature and then it is cooled down to 0 degrees with the help of an indirect water cooling system. After this, the end products are screened and separated with the help of magnet. The pig iron and sponge that are derived from this process are then used partially in the SMS (Steel Melting Shops) and are also sold outside in the market.

As part of their latest steel project, manufacturing seamless pipes is also another objective of these plants. To establish the project, Rashmi Metaliks was awarded the industrial license from none other than the SIA or Secretariat of Industrial Assistance, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India.

Headquartered at Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, a hub of business activities in the capital of West Bengal, Rashmi Metaliks Kolkata has created a distinct position for itself in the market. The company believes in constant growth, which is why it has penetrated the IT industry with its venture named Keyline IT Solutions.

Keyline is geared to provide high quality IT services to Indian as well as international clients. It has a team of talented and experienced professionals who work tirelessly to churn out customized products and timely solutions. Funded by Rashmi Metaliks Limited, Keyline provides web development, mobile application development, search engine optimization, software solutions, dedicated hiring solutions and domain hosting services to its huge clientele.

With expertise in designing for branding and the media, Keyline creates websites, brand images and logos. It also increases the visibility of online merchants with its specially tailored, scalable e-commerce services. The company works with all the latest technologies and software meant for modern ecommerce websites such as Zen Cart, Prestashop, OSCommerce, Open Cart etc.

Quality is given the greatest importance in Keyline, thanks to the efficient and versatile quality control team at Rashmi Metaliks, which reviews the work processes of Keyline regularly. Clients who have opted for their services have been greatly satisfied and have stated that they will hire them again when they need web services.

The services offered by Keyline IT Solutions are priced at competitive rates which makes it a preferred choice of clients. The company has carved a niche with excellent services like web design, content management system creation, writing services and application development. Owing to the high reputation of Rashmi Metaliks Ltd, Keyline has been able to work with many distinguished clients such as Nokia, Philips, WWF, Tata Ryerson Limited, P.C. Chandra Jewelers, Medica Health Shoppe, Kookie Jar and KKN Group.

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority for Rashmi Metaliks Kolkata. They are truly different from others when it comes to serving clients.


Rashmi Metaliks: A Revolution In The Manufacturing And Exporting Sector

Rashmi MetaliksRashmi Metaliks is a venture initiated by the leading business name in Eastern India i.e. Rashmi Group. The company has prospered within a very short time. The company has an enviable history. They have provided quality materials to many leading private and government industries across India. Rashmi Metaliks has an admirable infrastructure with their plants in Kharagpur and Barbil.

In Barbil, Rashmi Metaliks have purchased a railway siding. This procurement has been done keeping in mind the requirements of their customers because all their customers want quick shipment. With this railway siding, the company has significantly cut down upon export time and has been able to ship goods to customers quicker than ever.

Rashmi Metaliks has a mini blast furnace with a capacity of 215 m3. This furnace is built with the latest engineering and it will support Rashmi Metaliks’ goal of delivering orders quickly to customers. With rapid expansion plans, Rashmi Metaliks has also started their work on a new plant in Gokulpur, West Midnapore district of West Bengal. This will be a large plant where hundreds of people will find employment.

Apart from expanding their business processes, Rashmi Metaliks is also dedicated to the cause of preserving nature. They have performed various CSR activities for people’s benefit in Kharagpur. The foremost benefit that Rashmi Metaliks has offered to this city is employment. The plant is offering numerous jobs to the people of Kharagpur.

Rashmi Metaliks is scripting new success stories every day, but they care about people too!

Rashmi Metaliks Emerges As The Number One Client For Keyline

Rashmi Metaliks

Rashmi Metaliks is a reputable name in the eastern India business landscape. The company recently joined hands with Keyline as a mutually profiting partnership. Rashmi Metaliks used BidNEMO, one of Keyline’s portals to reap great rewards. BidNEMO is a reverse bidding portal that helps customers to find the best companies in the market for their needs. Further, this portal makes sure customers get quality materials within their budget.

Rashmi Metaliks started using this portal and their eminence led to instant success. Rashmi Metaliks are number one sellers at BidNEMO. The company has already earned a reputation of providing highest quality materials at unrivalled rates. Rashmi Metaliks has already served as providers of materials for the Indian government. The fame of this company is not only restricted within India.

For all these reasons, there was no surprise when customers at BidNEMO found their liking for such a highly acclaimed company. Moreover, Rashmi Metaliks has provided quick turnarounds to their customers. And why shouldn’t they! The company has recently acquired railways sidings for quick transport of materials from their manufacturing centres to the customers’ locations.

Rashmi Metaliks has also held the hand of Keyline in various other business ventures. Rashmi Group’s websites have been maintained and modernized by Keyline and their team of professionals. The Rashmi Group is now fully prepared to move into the next IT based selling generation.

Rashmi Metaliks has, over the years proved their critics wrong time and again and it is hoped that they will continue to do the same.

Rashmi Metaliks Limited’s Endeavors And Achievements

Rashmi Metaliks Limited Rashmi Group of Industries needs no introductions. It is an organization that has always been synonymous with growth. Established in 1980, the group has multiplied its volume of businesses within a couple of decades. It manufactures Sponge Iron, Ductile Iron Pipe, Steel, TMT, Cement, Pig Iron and Pellet. The group started its journey as a re-rolling mill and now it is a reputable name, with a turnover of Rs. 1973.69 crore and net worth of around Rs. 1108.94 crore.

Committed to continuous improvement, Rashmi Group strives to better the product quality, customer service and employee performance in all the companies under its wing. It endeavors to make regular capital investment, diversify and also upgrade the technologies used. At present, the group owns and operates 2 plants in West Bengal – one in Kharagpur and the other in Jhargram.

The company situated at Kharagpur is named Rashmi Metaliks Limited. It has a mini steel plant with manufacturing facilities such as Sinter Plant, Ductile Iron Pipe Unit, Mini Blast Furnace, DRI Facility with WHRB Power Plant, Wire Rod Mill, Steel Melting Shop, Pellet and Beneficiation Plant and Rolling Mill.

Rashmi Metaliks Limited has recently invested over Rs. 250 crores on their 0.6 million ton Pellet and Beneficiation plant. This has helped them to procure fine iron ore instead of the lump iron ore that they used to procure earlier. As a result, production costs have dropped dramatically, increasing the financial strength of the company and enabling the company to aim to build one more 0.6 million ton Pellet and beneficiation plant in the near future. This second plant is believed to earn Rs. 250 crore investment.

With the investment of Rs. 80 crores, the organization has brought in a wire rod mill which is equipped with modern foreign technology. They have invested yet another 60 crores for one more 12 MW WHRB based power plant, which would lessen the production costs and fuel costs even further.

Rashmi Metaliks Limited has a captive railway siding at Kharagpur as well as Barbil. This makes the company a pioneer in the logistics sector. It owns 5 rakes, for which it has invested Rs. 75 crores. They have given these rakes to the Indian Railway under the Wagon Investment Scheme.

Some more facts are worth mentioning here: the company has been given 6 prospecting licence for Manganese ore in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It has already submitted an application for a mining licence, upon the sanction of which, the company’s asset generation will be helped greatly.

Rashmi Metaliks’s Victory Over Charges Of Freight Evaluation

Rashmi Metaliks’sRashmi Group is the name of an organization that has been serving customers in the sectors of steel, cement, Pig iron and sponge iron manufacturing and import/export of minerals and mineral-based products. The group contains several companies namely: Rashmi Cement, Rashmi Metaliks, Rashmi Seamless and Rashmi Bulk Shipping. The last one is the latest feather to their hat.

The group has a strong footing in West Bengal with several manufacturing plants and units in towns like Jhargram, Kharagpur and Jamuria. The group’s headquarters are in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Rashmi has invested Rs 300 crore in Kharagpur to build a 1.5 million tonne beneficiation plant, 2 MW power plant, 1.2 mt Pellet plant and 1.2 lakh tonne wire rod plant. The group plans to use the excess land in these facilities for setting up some projects.

Furthermore, Rashmi Cement Limited has planned to set up a manufacturing unit in Jamuria, Burdwan, initially investing Rs 500 crore. The company has acquired 200 acres of land there and is on its way to avail environmental clearance.

In West Midnapore, where Maoist activities have largely impacted the local lifestyle, Rashmi Group created employment for 2000 people and will create an additional 1000 jobs in the near future. In the town of Jhargram, the company has a cement grinding unit, a DRI facility and a 24000 ton Ferro Manganese Plant. Its WHRB power plant prevents environment pollution and the excess power it manufactures, is sold to WBSEDCL.

The Group caters to the entire north eastern India, with footsteps in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Meghalaya. It has also penetrated the markets of Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand and is projected as among the fastest developing businesses in the East. In the financial year of 2010-11, the group has paid Rs. 17.84 crores to the state exchequer as Value Added Tax.

Over a period of 5 years, the organization has showed an investment plan of 9500 crores across several projects. The group has been awarded an ‘Ultra Mega Project’ status by the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation. The rapid growth of the organization has caught the attention of many. As a result, the organization has faced charges of freight evasion. Such an incident occurred in 05.10.2012 when the railways filed a show cause notice against Rashmi Metaliks Limited, demanding the amount of Rs. 2,01,98,27,125 for the period of April 2011 to March 2012.

In response to this, the company filed a writ application: AST No. 312/2012 (Rashmi Metaliks vs. Union of India and Ors.) in the Honorable High Court of Calcutta. The court ordered the railways to not proceed any further with the show cause notice.

The railways have also forcibly collected demurrage charges worth Rs. 1,32,62,000 from the company on account of railways’ monopolistic status. Rashmi Metaliks, being entitled to claim a refund of the amount, has done so in the Honorable High Court of Calcutta. The case is sub judice.

There are no conclusive evidences as to the truthfulness of these claims, therefore, the claims have been nullified and the company is back in business.